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Romantic Poems
Romantic Poems


 Two snowflakes met within a cloud
In mists of winter's space
He, a flake of icy white
And she, a star of lace

 The cloud was heavy, winds were strong
In dark mid-winter night
Then both held hands and tried to
Stay together in the flight

 Then tumbling down they lost their grip
He kept in sight her face
He said, I'll find you on the ground,
My crystal star of lace

 In dawning hour the sun arose
The flake looked near and far
Rising with each whispering wisp
To find his crystal star

 And there she was, lit by the sun
So delicate and clear
Among the millions, only one
He wanted to be near

 Then children came outside to play
To build a man of snow
She said this is the end for us
For I have got to go

 They wrapped her in a ball of snow
Which then became a face
She sparkled in the morning light
This crystal star of lace

 He too was packed into the cheek
And both remained for days
She said what will become of us
In sun's now warming rays

 He said the sun will melt us both
And to the ground we'll fall
But I will not forget your face,
The brightest star of all

 I'll follow you to nearby streams
And into rivers flow
I'll follow you into the sea
Wherever you may go

 One day we'll rise together in
the haze of summer heat
And somewhere in a cloud of white
The two of us will meet

 The winds will send us onward
To the place of winter storm
You'll form into a crystal star
With frozen heart so warm

 Above the January earth
In gatherings of mist
I'll find you there, my star of lace
Just waiting to be kissed

 -- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA


 If I were a poet, I would
wrap you in my words,
Roll you off my tongue
with my soothing voice,
Meet your every desire with
the motion of my pen,
Making your heart race
every now and then;

 If I were a poet, you would
be my only passion,
My inspiration in a world that,
to me, is gone;
 If I were a poet, with you
as my one and only love,
I would lower to my knees daily
and thank the lord above;

 And if I were truly a poet, I would
swim through your deep oceans,
Speak of all the wonders I see
in the calming darkness of your eyes,
And if I could find the words to
describe my feelings for you,
I could tell of the way my passion
strongly flows - so true.

 -- Submitted by Erica Simpson from Martinsville, IN

It was so easy long ago
To be so sure of what I'd do
But now I know, what now I know
It's different since I met you.

The blue sky deepens, shot with gold
The sunsets that we seem to share
Not placid like the days of old
With you not there!

Uncertain footsteps where I felt
Once on a day the world was mine
In honesty at times I've knelt
To know just where to draw the line.

It is not true the sober way
Brings peace of mind like cooling showers
I skim the hills at break of day
A new delight this love of ours.

-- Submitted by Charmian Blattner from Philo, CA

Love is kindled by a look, a word.
Love is like an endless road.
You can soar like a bird
but carry a heavy load
until you learn by taking AND giving.
Be aware of and attentive to your feelings.
All essential to loving loving.

Love can be extinguished
by a word, a look.
Love is hard work, not what
you see on TV or read in a book.

-- Submitted by Denny Sternberg from Sacramento, CA


Hiding deep in
The closet of my soul
Behind forgotten things that no longer fit
And discards waiting to be sold
At the next garage sale

Is a shoebox
Of memories
Of you
And me
And us

I seek it out when
the moon hides
The sun cools
And the fresh smell of summer
Is gone

I hold each piece
Caressing each memory
As it takes me back
To a place where I can
Once again see the moon
and feel the sun

And a fresh summer breeze
Gently flows through the window of my soul
Singing softly of you.

-- Submitted by Diana Johnson from Minnetonka, MN


I guess it's safe for me to say
there are seasons of the heart
our lives can change at any time
whether together or apart

 The paths we walk each and every day
shape the who and what we are
but a season change of a persons heart
can take their spirit to the stars

 Our hearts can tell us when to laugh
or when it's time to cry
but listen hard to what it says
good or bad it just can't lie

 There is one thing that is required
when you're dealing with your heart
you'll get an honest answer
only if you're honest from the start

 So as the seasons of the world go bye....
summer, winter, spring, and fall
don't forget the "Seasons of the Heart"
within, is the greatest beauty for us all

-- Submitted by Jim Serviolo from Valley Center, CA


The world forbade that I should ever know
Sweet ecstacy that might come from your kiss
And ordered things so I could never show
How in my dreams of you we came to bliss.

As moral beings captured by events
Our partners and our lives are well defined
So dark desires must linger in suspense
And hidden deep for none to ever find.

Yet even though our lips will never touch
And comfort from your breast must be denied
There is a gift from you that I may clutch
And cherish even past the day I've died.

Recorded evermore on heaven's scrolls
A time eternal sweet caress of souls.

-- Submitted by N. G. "Gary" Stapp from Irving, TX

Love-The Second Time Around


Sweaty dances, heady flings,
Touches, kisses, highschool rings.
Burgers, baseball, fairs and rides,
Sun and water, truths and lies.
Lots of break-ups, lots of starts,
Overactive, pulsing hearts.


Sweet romances, golden bands,
Long, slow walks while holding hands.
Traded secrets, sacred vows,
Kissing in a brand new house.
Rocking babies, locking eyes,
Building up a paradise.


Children, grown, have all moved out,
An empty, silent, chilly house.
Lifetime partners in their graves,
Lonesomeness that comes in waves.
A waning moon on frozen snow,
John Denver on the radio.


A single glance, a warming spark,
That wakes an ancient, dusty heart.
Paper kisses, herbal teas,
China cups on balanced knees.
Waltzing slowly up the stairs,
A second chance with one who cares.

-- Submitted by Rebecca Adams from Grand Ledge, MI

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