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In Memoriam

William L. Kite
Passed Away February 2005

You're no longer with us dear friend,
Your life on earth has come to an end
But the memory of you will live on
In my thoughts, until I too am gone.

Though separated by land and ocean
We shared the same love and devotion
For the Truth, and searched high and low
The answer to questions we don't know.

The reason for our existence was one;
What happens to us when life is done?
Was God a random or conscious force
That created things for better or worse?

You had an idea that whatever created
All that exists neither loved nor hated
The manifold products of its creation
And cared not for worship, or adoration.

You used to call this entity "The Force",
A conscious energy that set the course
Of the material Universe from the start
Providing the beginnings of its every part.

You believed that death was not the end
But that our own energy would blend
With this cosmic all embracing thing
And yet remain as an individual being.

Though I don't see death in that way
There's no one on Earth that can say
That it isn't so, for nobody knows
What happens when the life force goes.

Farewell, my friend, you've run your race
And you did it without a faltering pace
I'm happy that I could count you
As a friend, kind, honest and true.

So I'll end this poem in your memory
The way you ended your letters to me:
Go well and prosper in all you do
And may The Force be with you.

AV Fenton



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