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Poetry by Ralph Lamarr Clark
from Jacksonville, Florida



I left my heart at her house
the night we said goodbye
many promises I had broken
and this I cannot deny.

She told me to go on my way
and never to return
a woman's trust is something
you have to earn.

My heart is broken and
I don't know what to do
it's hard to recover when
a woman stops loving you.

I left my heart at her house
the night we said goodbye
my handkerchief is wet and
tears are still in my eyes.




We held each other
in a tight embrace
as we looked out
across a moonlit sea.

The waves dancing
as moonbeams
touched them
reminded us of
sparkling sapphires.

The smell of her hair
ignited an uncontrollable
passion like I have
never felt before.

I searched for her
waiting lips,and
as we kissed I could
feel her trembling.

Both of us smiled
as we hurriedly
headed for our cabin
to fulfill our desires.




I know an angel
is protecting me,
I feel her presence,
her face I never see.

Each night I pray
for her to appear
close to me, with
her face very near.

When I imagine her
face turning to me,
my mind clears,
my troubles flee.

Tonight in my dreams
I hope to see her there,
If she turns to smile at me,
she has answered my prayer.




I'm watching her as she
combs her whitened hair,
and remembering the days
when darkness was there.

In the mirror, I see her look of
love, her dear special smile,
the one that has never faded
and has made my life worthwhile.

Our years are moving swiftly,
too few moments left to be.
But I know my ultimate gift in life
is her unfaltering love for me.




A pine tree in my yard
is leaning a little low,
and I know my shoulders
are beginning to bow.

If my pine tree could talk
I know what it would say.
"Please don't cut me down,
let me stand until another day."

Some say age brings wisdom,
I am sure this is true,
but all that wisdom gained
can't start my life anew.

I wish father time
could help my tree and me
to stand tall and straight again
and then just leave us be.





Cold March winds blowing
my hair over my eyes,
hiding my tears
my March winds disguise.

Pains in my heart
March winds can't hide,
our breaking up
caused those pains inside.

You're the only one
who can take my pain away,
if you don't change your mind
the pain is here to stay.

I'll wait and see
what you decide to do,
while making up your mind
remember, I love you.




A brother and sister
were very very sad,
their wagon was broken;
the only toy they had.

Brother dragged the wagon,
sister carried the wheel,
off to see the blacksmith
hoping to make a deal.

The blacksmith saw them
standing out front;
he kindly greeted them,
when he was normally blunt.

Brother said to him,
"can you repair our wheel,
we only have a dime;
can we make a deal?"

The blacksmith saw the
hope in their begging eyes,
he knew these children;
he could never deny.

<"I'll fix your wagon
as good as new,
keep your dime and
buy some gum to chew".

The blacksmith felt better
than he had in a long time
he realized you feel better,
when you are kind.




Cold winter days
will soon be gone.
Happy singing birds
will be coming home.

Beautiful flowers
will open their blooms.
The sun will be warm
when overhead at noon.

Sweet smelling grass
will begin to grow.
It'll be time
for dads to mow.

Each season comes
and stays for awhile.
The next is spring,
this makes me smile.




An old abandoned lighthouse
stands on a distant river shore,
it's proud beacon light
isn't needed anymore.

Yesterday's wonders are gone,
today's will soon pass too.
Accepting these changes
is hard for me to construe.

That beacon light shining,
will always remain in my mind.
Some memories are special,
the lighthouse is that kind.





When I was a little boy
with a million why's for
anyone who would listen,
I asked what the dark
spot was I saw on the moon.
My grandpa told me I was
looking at the man on
the moon. You can imagine
how many why's I shot
at him afterwards.
I didn't think much about
that night until my
grandson asked me the
same question. I told him
what my grandfather had
told me. While waiting
for his follow-up questions,
I wiped a few tears
from my eyes.




If I had to explain
my reasons for loving you
finding the right words
would be so hard to do.

The first time we met
I knew you were the one.
Comparing you to others
you were second to none.

When I asked you for a date
and your answer was yes,
a moment I'll never forget
because it was my best.

And now we're married
and have been for a long time.
I still feel lucky
you agreed to be mine.





If you cannot travel to those magic places
sit back, relax and close your eyes.
If a mind flows free, you have the key and
your wishes may come true.
Some say life is but a dream and that may be true,
so travel far away or to a nearby place,
wherever you would like to go.
Daydreamer's are a special kind, a kind like you.
So close your eyes, let the magic begin.
There's a chance we will meet.
You see, I'm a daydreamer too.




It is a feeling like no other,
a warmth coming from within,
two minds joined together,
a closeness alway there.
In moments of despair and troubles
growing strong, two minds face it together,
two minds like one alone.
Love is unequal and cannot be surpassed,
man and woman together
is splendor at its best.




I wonder how many centuries
stars have been in the sky?
Has the moon always been there
for lovers like you and I?

Have the trees always had leaves?
Did flowers always have blooms?
Has the sun always been bright,
when high overhead at noon?

Did a lemon always taste bitter?
And a peach always taste sweet?
Were you born to love me
making my earthly life complete?




Having someone to confide in,
those times I'm feeling blue,
knowing someone will be there
and knowing that someone is you.

I've been blessed with love
during my journey through life.
My special love I've been given
is the love from my dear wife.

When two hearts join together
and the knot never comes untied,
you'll have a life of happiness.
This truthfully to you I confide.



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