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Poetry By Charlotte Kennedy
from Columbia, SC



I had a date with my computer
He dared to stand me up
He would not rain on my parade
or drink from my good cup

My puter stood right by my side
and cheered me on with grace
He drove me on the highway
of Computer Interface

He took me to the club Net Noir
Black Voices next on the list
But not until I opened mail
containing a hug and kiss

My puter washed no dishes
or answered my French phone
But he showed me who came in my door
or who was not at home

He took me on a Photo shoot
and watched me as I posed
He said to me, "Hey Dark and Lovely,
you have the cutest big-little nose!"

I had a date with my computer
He always stood right here
No matter the season, sunshine or freezin'
he dried away my tear

My puter got rid of nasty viruses
that Man would call the flu
He locked out the undesirable
the horrific Bugaboo!

My puter was mostly gentle
But if ever turned unsoft
I'd grab his belly button
and quickly turn him off!



Change, change
Why do we people run from change
Jingle, Jangle
No not money, honey
I'm talking change!

Never be satisfied
In the position that you are
Just because you're doing good
You won't get very far
If you stop trying
Give up and say to yourself
I'm satisfied

But when things begin to drop
You'll be petrified!
And it's then you'll say
Ok, but it's strange
I'll go for change
No, No, nothing's strange!
Life is Change!!



One day when I was feeling bad
And really out of place
My mind was working overtime
My heart was on a chase
I thought that I would vanish
As never even born
And that was when
I saw YOU, my friend
As soon as I signed on

YOU were so kind and patient
And really open-minded
This was the day that I can say
That YOU and me had bonded

YOU were there to show you cared
when I was out of style
And whenever I was feeling down
YOU always made me SMILE!

So I hope that we will always be
Around for one another
And always enjoy the company
And never feel we're smothered

I sent a rose for reasons
I'd rather not express
This does not mean
That YOU'LL be seen
In an awful woman's' dress!



Your vibes are calling to me
The deep scent of your thoughts
Embrace the laughter in my smile
The vibrations are there

Your vibes embrace the satin touch
Of my eyes in the bedroom of your heart
Like the voicemail I wear
At the small of my back
I am there with you
You are here

Vibrations as strong as a twister
Tearing through the streets of a
Faulty lock
Vibrations have broken
The path of miles
And made us whole

Like an orange rind fallen
From its canopy bed
You have unpeeled my eyes
And opened your heart

No walls surround us
as vibrations have moved
Heaven and Earth
And we stand as one



Often we wandered
way onto an unsilent stare
into the nights
with birds untouched
but felt around the calms of sunlight

Warm thoughts of passion
though entered into the deepness of a word
was often misspelled
clearly can escape the transparent lines
and cover those who cherish
the memories of a word

There goes
Thoughts of Passion
Traveling a dark street in harm's way
Reserved for the unknown
Those warm Thoughts of Passion



the touch of sunshine
that stands firmly amongst us

The silent gaze
has brought closer warmth and joy
well between us

Your hand in mine
reunites the distance of a song unheard....
with open days everlasting



Given in the mist of Romance
a satin touch
with Pearls of Lace

Given in the mist of Love
a soft kind wind
that glides with the sunshine

An extinguished candle
in the nighttime of her heart
Given in the mist of Darkness



Black butterfly, black butterfly
come into my heart
If all is well we'd clearly tell
right from the very start

Black butterfly, black butterfly
oh, don't you go astray
I'll stay with you, pray with you
Until our ending day

Just keep me warm with all your charm
and always be my hero
but take in heed
this lady indeed
Wants All
or just a Zero!



Stolen from wrinkles
Buried within
His concrete gloves familiar
Love stares down from a heavy light
Oh, God!
He should have won this fight!




A sweet apple pie
a gingerbread cake
the bubble-gum I chewed
did not all seem fake

All the candy in the world
was right at my reach
the school house stood there
right on Myrtle Beach

My friends were just pouring
I was Queen of the hill
it was storybook heaven
it all seemed so real!

But at the touch of a shoulder
I saw the light of day
and all of my sweet things
just faded away

Why did candy in my dream
melt away in the sky?
I wanted just one taste
of that sweet apple pie

Oh, I think it will be there
awaiting my snore...and
all the candy in the world
will be mine once more



It is not wise to cry
over the same thing twice
The world can be mean...uncaring...
and cold as ice

It can feel zero below in the midst of May
yes, freezing cold on a hot summer day!
But one shouldn't cry
over the same thing twice

There is hatred, jealousy and greed all over the place
It's constantly spreading like a darn rat race!
Brothers and sisters are destroying their brains
while praising their lives on smoking cocaine

Mothers and fathers are constantly worried
thinking their child may have to be buried
Beautiful marriages are broken down
from rumors spread all over town

Give it a good one when the pain first hit
then when it's out it's time to quit
Don't look back five or ten years later
to finger the pain that made you hate her

It is not wise to cry
over the same thing twice



So far away but close you stand
I'm drowning in your touch
Like meatballs in my pasta sauce
You're into me as much

As Whispers In My Footsteps
Knows every move to make
Whispers all the cravings
And shows me how to bake

Those Whispers In My Footsteps
Get closer all the time
I feel them when I'm in my car
They pay the toll booth dimes

While strolling up my driveway
I'm opening my mail
I feel them here beside me
They moved that rusty nail

So far away but close you are
I'm drowning in your love
I feel your arms around me
While putting on my gloves

In the mist of darkness
They tell me not to fear
And all those stones before me
Are not more than I can bear

Whispers In My Footsteps
Take me through the night
When I awake for goodness sake
I've won another fight!



This ole cabin still cozy and warm
This ole man with the ole Southern charm
Shall hold his woman from the blinding snow
As she travels the distance, no matter how slow

They cherished each other as much as they could
They'll continue to love and always they should
When troubles are near, this will be how
They'll weather the storm by reading this vow:

You will comfort each other when the storm is near
As holding on tight will ease all fear
Keep each other sacred in heart
Fight the obstacles that hold you apart

You're never to forget the online conversations
that led you to this offline destination
Here you are both glowed-eyed with glee
Have traveled the distance, the miles are now free

Two years earlier your reach was so far
Now side by side you're touching a star
Fate was the key that opened the door
Door's still open, your love can now pour

This ole cabin still cozy and warm
This same man with the same Southern charm
Held his woman from the blinding snow
She traveled the distance no matter how slow

They cherished each other as much as they could
They continue to love and always they should
So if troubles are near, this will be how
You weather the storm by reading this vow:

Understanding and Trust and always Respect
Will keep you together and always in check
Communication's the thing that has gotten you started
If this is lost, you're broken hearted

Emotional Support is sometimes needed
a big strong hug will easily feed it
So if troubles are near, this will be how
You weather the storm by reading this vow



Hey, Hey, the ballgame's today
Let's get the guys
do away with the wives
Hey, Hey, the ballgame's today!

What do ya mean
We're stayin we can watch
and help you cheer
When Johnson makes the pass
and Cuttingham taps the azz
Hey, Hey, let us stay!

No way, you ladies got's to go
Get out! go somewhere
Here's something to sew
Go do your nails
over at Gail's
Hey, Hey, go away!

You know nothing of this
We are the are Miss
This is our thing
our unity ring
So be gone!
The game is on!

Don't be ruined by comments they possess
We know we're human
but are treated as less
Think about the display
while setting your wig
and see the example of
The Male Chauvinist ...



It doesn't matter if I
fall or rise...
Because experience
has taught me to be wise

There's not much doubt in my mind
that whatever life throws my way
I will deal with it

Seek a Solution
and be fine....

As within myself
I walked this generation
Of a different time!



In the minds' eye there's something true
It's carved with gold and sometimes blue
We harvest feelings in this fine place
Like growing flowers in a lovely vase

In the minds' eye there's something bold
That grabs emotions and takes control
This place is warm, has lots of Love
it beats the devil with a gentle dove

The minds' eye rates high on the chart
As this special place
Holds the Beautiful Heart!


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