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Poetry by Maria Papayiannopoulou
from Thessaloniki, Greece

Poems from Greece

Darkness is the canvas on which I paint my dreams
in colors of the morning
and shades of moonlight,
so silky, so silvery,
so shiny when the night has overthrown the day.

As memories recall themselves in lucid pointy arrows,
one by one,
the hands of wisdom tie them into knots,
meaningful balls of experience, of sense.

Never a night so bright.
Never a frown so joyfully expressed.
Never a scream so filled with music.

I walk along my shores
and wet my feet
in waves of rememberance and will.




Was it a crime to feel you're mine
When all around was pain?
Was it for real I made you feel
Your quest was not in vain?

Abandoned dreams and craving flesh
Irrational demands
All tangled up in perfect mess
Amidst our trembling hands

Unanswered stand our questions, all
As much as we both try
But each time logic makes its call
I hear our soulful cry

Let destiny remain obscure
Try not to draw its veil
Let fantasy become the cure
Think not; but only feel...





Deprived of feelings, lost for words
Abhorrent devils dance within
Each breath cuts like a million swords
Each thought a tribute to my sin.

Uneasy dreams await my sleep
As time relentlessly flies by
The wounds I bear grow dark and deep
But there are no more tears to cry.

No grief; no pain; I've lost it all.
The coldest cold has settled in.
A lonely wolf, a lonely call
And still those devils dance within.





How can I trap my thoughts in words
Can I enslave such wondrous birds?
Elusive shadows dodge my hands
I've lost my sight...

A faceless soul, a pounding heart
so close but yet so far apart
I mourn my loss, I mourn my love
I cry at night...

What fate is this, so cruel and sweet,
to sting my heart but numb my feet
thus keeping me afar from him
afar from Light...

Still burn the fires deep inside
my desperation I can't hide
I dream again within my dream
I'm there tonight...

Oh dearest creature, is this real?
I stretch my arms...your skin I feel!

Lords of Beyond just take me now
in sweet delight...





Midnight flowers
Desperate hours

Painful thoughts away from you.

Sounds and voices
Helpless choices

Everything you say and do.

Feel the rhythm
Hear our music

Smell the perfume of the night.

Touch me
Take me
Hold me
Break me

Be my darkness
Be my light.

Calm and Madness
Smiles and Sadness

Anything there is to be.

Flesh uniting
Hearts igniting

Me is You
And you is Me.





Daylight and dark mixed up in one
the street lamps on, to help the sun
Drunk men and ladies hand in hand
walk through the half-deserted land

The clock strikes nine, the fog clears out
I see two men who laugh and shout
They turn and look me in the eye;
and then they leave, without good-bye.

Who am I now? Why did they go?
How do I look? I have to know
Why did they laugh? What did they see?
Is it behind me it me?

Their laughter's loud, it hurts my ears.
An old man looks at me and sneers.
I hate this place, I want to go
just tell me how, please let me know!

The laughter stops.They dissapear.
The place has changed but someone's near.
His voice secures me, soft and deep:
It's over now...go back to sleep.





When Morning springs I do depart
for places Veiled
My Weary Heart
cannot endure the Scorching rays
that show its wounds
I have to stay in Darkness, still
I long for Thee
thy Darkened Soul...

My Veins implore for one more Bite
of Sharp White Teeth
in Candlelight
And as I let my head fall back
I close my eyes...
I feel your presence, Cold and Dark
Oh Come to me
and make me Howl...

Immortal Love of Shadowed paths
Unchained once more
Redeem me now
and leave your Marks upon my Skin
Embrace me in your Deadly Grip
and show to me



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